Examples of eBay Feedback for Buyers and Sellers

Buyer Feedback
Feedback for an Average Seller
“Super quality! Quick delivery. Ever so marvelous packaging. First-rate service.”
“The item was outstanding. Swift to send. Packaging was good.”
“Remarkably pleased.”
“Excellent quality! Superior delivery.”
“Quality of the wrapping was high-standard. Item was of splendid quality!”
“The packaging was remarkably nice. Super delivery.”
“The item was fantastic. Excellent delivery.”
“Notably wonderful packaging. Thanks.”
“Quality of item was great. Quality of the wrapping was good. Fantastic delivery.”
“The item was splendid! Ideal packaging.”
“Very quick dispatch. First-rate service.”
“First-rate quality! Remarkably swift dispatch.”
“The packaging was ever so pretty.”
“Good quality. Wonderful packaging.”
“Delivery was fantastic. Would buy from again. Item splendid.”
“Very, very high-standard delivery. Lovely packaging. Recommended.”
“The item was good. The packaging was ever so nice. Delivery was immensely quick. Item was first-rate quality.”
“Fine packaging. Notably super delivery. Item is of excellent quality.”
“Quick delivery. The packaging was very, very nice. Item was of super quality.”
“Great packaging. Delivery was high-standard. Item is of excellent quality.”
“Remarkably speedy delivery. Exceptional packaging. The item was superior! Quick delivery. Exceptional packaging.”
“Fantastic service. Item is of great quality! Quick delivery. The packaging was immensely wonderful. Item was of great quality.”
“Very, very wonderful packaging. Outstanding delivery. Item was of first-rate quality.”
“Pleasing packaging. Swift delivery. Recommended.”
Feedback for a Top-Rated Seller
“The item was superb and good. Immensely pleasing packaging. Delivery was superb. Item is of first-rate quality.”
“Wonderful packaging. Delivery was notably speedy. Item is of superior quality. Exceptionally speedy dispatch.”
“Excellent packaging. Item was of the most fantastic quality. Quick delivery.”
“High-standard packaging. Item is of first-rate quality! Speedy to send.”
“Quality of the wrapping was good. Item was of superb quality. Good delivery. The packaging was notably marvelous.”
“The item was good and first-rate! Very, very swift delivery. Splendid packaging.”
“Quality of the wrapping was outstanding. Quick to send. Item was of superb quality!”
“Delivery was exceptionally speedy. Lovely packaging. Item good!”
“The packaging was immensely neat. Speedy to send. Remarkably pleased.”
Feedback for a Super Seller
“The item was unrivaled. Notably swift delivery. Gorgeous packaging. Recommended.”
“Item sublime! Packaging was greatest. Quick delivery. Service was high-standard.”
“Quality of item was fine. Swift delivery. Packaging was prime. Excellent seller.”
“Item notable. Notably excellent packaging. First-rate delivery. Ever so pleased.”
“Very, very striking quality! Quick delivery. The packaging was notably graceful. Item exalted.”
“Quality of the wrapping was grand. Delivery was remarkably speedy. The item was superior! Packaging was matchless.”
“Exceptionally sterling delivery. The item was optimum and standout! Packaging was outstanding.”
“Sterling delivery. The item was meritorious!”
“Quick delivery. The packaging was very, very tasteful. Quality of item was choice! Fab packaging.”
“Speedy to send. Would buy from again.”

Seller Feedback
Feedback for an Excellent eBay Buyer
“Payment was very, very speedy. Remarkably pleased. Excellent buyer. Recommended.”
“Exceptionally excellent payment. Correspondence was good. Exceptionally pleased.”
“Ever so speedy payment. Thanks. First-class correspondence. Buyer is first-rate.”
“Immensely speedy payment! A very first-rate buyer. High-standard correspondence.”
“Ever so speedy payment! Thanks. Exceptionally pleased. Correspondence was great.”
“Remarkably fantastic payment! Recommended. Thanks. High-standard correspondence. Payment was superb! Immensely pleased.”
“Correspondence was high-standard. Thanks. First-rate payment.”
“Correspondence was high-standard. An immensely superb buyer.”
“Exceptionally quick payment. Buyer is great.”
“An exceptionally exceptional buyer. Exceptionally first-rate payment.”
“Good buyer.”
“An exceptionally first-rate buyer.”
Feedback for a Fast-Payment Buyer
“Payment was very quick. Splendid correspondence. An immensely first-class buyer.”
“Payment was immensely speedy! First-class buyer. A remarkably exceptional buyer.”
“Exceptionally quick payment. Wish all buyers were this outstanding. Recommended.”
“Exceptionally splendid payment. Buyer is high-standard. Correspondence was good.”
“Payment was immensely quick. Correspondence was outstanding. Buyer is fantastic.”
“Immensely swift payment! Excellent correspondence. Ever so pleased. Recommended.”
“Very, very outstanding payment. Buyer is first-class. Correspondence was superb.”
“Outstanding payment. Exceptional correspondence. Buyer is high-standard. Thanks.”
“Payment was excellent. An ever so first-rate buyer. Correspondence was splendid.”
“Immensely swift payment! A very, very first-rate buyer. Splendid correspondence.”